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Can The UK's Power Systems Be Hacked?

Heavy rain, high winds and widespread snowfall are the most common reasons for power cuts in the UK, but could a more modern and malicious source be the latest threat to the UK’s National Grid? Could the UK’s power systems be hacked?

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The idea that hackers could target power grids around the world isn’t a new one, you’ve probably seen the idea play out several times on your favourite movies and TV shows, however this week a story from Ukraine has shown that this once far-fetched idea now has a scary basis in reality.

The Ukrainian power company Prykarpattyaoblenergo has fallen victim to a so called “spear-phishing” attack that left over 80,000 customers without power. Ukraine’s security forces have accused Russia of sponsoring the attack, and the implication that hackers could take down such a major infrastructure of a country has lead the United States’ Department of Homeland Security to offer Ukraine resources to help investigate the issue.

The BBC article quotes experts who have described the attack as “the first known power outage caused by a security attack.”

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While this is an isolated and highly sophisticated attack, it does prove that power companies are not immune to the increased risks of cyber terrorism.

We certainly hope that the UK government is doing everything within their power to stay at the cutting edge of technological security, as with recent storms and flooding, towns and cities around the country have experienced more than enough power cuts.

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