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Dig out the Brush Cutter : The Weeds are Still Growing.

Milder winters mean we are continuing garden maintenance well beyond the usual seasonal times, so it's time to dig out the brush cutter.

Although growing at a slower rate, plants and weeds are still growing so now is an ideal time tobrush cutter break out the brush cutter and give the unruly undergrowth a good trimming back.

Using a brushcutter later in the season means there will be less to do come next years growing season.

A Brush Cutter is a handy tool to have in your garden shed and is capable of removing denser patches of undergrowth that the more convention grass trimmer/strimmer or lawn mower.

They come fitted with a metal blade rather than a nylon line and ideally, should have a petrol engine to give you the power to tackle the weeds.

The petrol engines will be either 2 stroke or 4 stroke and give you the freedom of not having to run cables and extension cords across your garden.

Brush cutter blades come with a different number of 'teeth', lower tooth blades will be better for grass material whereas higher tooth blades offer a more sawing action and better onbrush cutter strimmer denser, woody types of undergrowth.

There's also dual-purpose brush cutters that will also come with a strimmer head so you can easily switch between grass trimming and brush cutting.

So with the garden maintenance seasons becoming longer, it's not too late for more garden maintenance.

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