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August Lawn Care - Some Tips

The Rain Has Arrived

After a very dry summer so far, the rains have finally hit the UK giving our parched gardens a much-needed boost.

But with the rain it will have created a few jobs to ensure your lawn is in tip-top shape for the rest of the year, so we've put together a list of August Lawn Care hints and tips.

Check Your Mower

It may have been a few weeks since you've seen your lawn mower, so now is the time to get it out and give it the once over to make sure it's in good working order.

mower sale petrol lawnmower

If you have a petrol lawnmower, check the oil level is to the manufacturers recommended level and if you haven't changed it for a while, maybe now is the time to drain out the old and refill with fresh.

Check and clean the spark plug with a soft wire brush and check, with a feeler gauge that the spark plug gap is correct.
If the plug shows any signs of damage or wear then it's time to replace it.

Remove the air filter and check it's clean and free of debris.
Sponge type filters can be cleaned with soap and water and then re-oiled and paper elements can have light amounts of dirt removed by gently blowing on them or more often than not, it's simpler just to replace them.

Check all nuts and bolts are tight and any moving parts have a light coat of a silicone based spray on them to keep them lubricated and free moving.

Minor cable adjustment for the Operator Present Control level and the self-propelled lever may be required to ensure it starts and runs correctly and these adjustments should be covered in your user manual.

Finally, and wearing suitable gloves,  check the blade for sharpness.
Mower blades can be easily sharpened but a heavily worn or damaged blade should be replaced.


The onset of rain has probably presented you with some weeds then August is a good time for a spot of weed control.

Try and use an animal-friendly weedkiller and apply liberally to your lawn or if weeds are fairly minimal then remove by hand.weed

Remember, do not apply weed killer to a dry or parched lawn other than as a spot treatment and always read the label on the weed killer for directions of use.


The wetter weather may have also brought back or introduced moss to your lawn, especially if part of your lawn is shaded by trees or plants.

Firstly, try and remove the areas of shade by trimming back anything creating the shade where possible.

Raise your mower height so that the grass is taller, traps more sunlight and keeps the moss in the shade, eventually killing it off.

You may need to increase the draining so aerate the lawn in dense areas of moss or maybe consider buying a moss remover from your local garden centre.

Aeration, Raking and Scarifying

To improve drainage, it's a good time to aerate your lawn after such a long dry spell.
This will allow the soil to absorb more of the moisture getting to the roots of your grass more effectively.

If your lawn needs raking or scarifying and still isn't too dry or too spongy, then again, now is a good time to rake and scarify.

Both will allow your lawn ample time to return to good health before the onset of Winter.


Now we've some wet weather, it's a good time to repair any areas of your lawn that may not have coped well with the dry spell.
Reseed as required and if the dry spell returns, you'll need to ensure you water on a regular basis,

Fertilise Your Lawn

It can't hurt to give your lawn a bit of a boost by applying some fertiliser.

After you've completed and repair work, weed control, raking etc. it's a good idea to apply some fertiliser to give your lawn that extra boost before we go into the Winter months.

Choose a suitable fertiliser based on your lawn and soil type and follow the instructions to apply.

Your Lawn Will Thank You

Hopefully some of these handy hints will help you keep your lawn in good health through Autumn and into Winter and lead to a nice lush garden next year.


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